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Koonono Tours

 to Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and other countries in Africa for all your needs:

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Koonono is Oshiwambo and means “clear the plate, to the end, finish it well, to the end of the world”. This applies to thorough planning and preparation, implementation and service. Born in, and having lived in Namibia for decades we, Olle and Stefan, know every corner, having worked and travelled extensively also in the neighbouring countries. We use established and well known local service providers for accommodation, meals and transport. We specialize in tours from Finland to Africa, but also assist travellers from Africa to Finland.

LWF Assembly Tours

Koonono Tours offers guided as well as self-drive tours to LWF Assembly participants and their family members who wish to visit Namibia and Botswana, prior to or after the assembly, short tours also during assembly free time.

You may wish to join for a nature tour, a cultural tour, visits to LWF member churches and parishes, or a combination of all. The shortest tours are for half a day, the longest for a week or more.

We will constantly upgrade the list (below) of tours offered. Clicking on the tour links you to a detailed presentation of the tour.

You may wish to drive on your own. We will assist you to reserve a suitable vehicle. We can assist you in planning the itinerary, and in booking accommodation. Namibia has a lot to offer, also with the regard to accommodation options. You may wish to stay at luxurious lodges or modest but comfortable, clean and safe guest houses. You can even do camping, either having a ground tent or a roof tent on a four-wheel drive vehicle. Driving is on the left. Main roads are very good, smaller roads vary from good to fairly good – unless you go to really remote places in the north-west or north-east.

The most opular places to visit are the Etosha National Park and former Owamboland in the north, the Sossusvlei dunes in the southwestern direction and Swakopmund on the coast. There are many other places of interest, too.

We, Olle koonono@gmail.com and Stefan stefan@koonono.com, have a long and thorough experience of living and organizing tours in Namibia and the Southern Africa region. We are registered as a tour operator by the Namibia Tourism Board. In EU (Finland) we are also registered and ackowledged as a tour organizing company, specialized on Southern Africa. There is no place we wouldn’t know, and our network of reliable service providers is really good.

Tour 1. Botswana and Victoria Falls, 17. – 22./24.05.2017

Tour 2. Etosha National Park and Owamboland, 17. – 21.05.2017

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